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About Us

Creates unique identity to your business. In the competitive world of business being unique and thinking outside the box bests the competitors. However, this uniqueness has to be conveyed to the respective target audience to become robust in the business world.

At ipseity we provide fillip to any business to be unique and pitch/ propagate their out of box ideas to the masses by leveraging our software prowess, Knowledge and experience in the field of artificial intelligence and Human centred business ideologies.

Our Experience

We are a bunch of data crunchers with the only passion of dating the data.


We know data and we beleive data as an independent and the most precious element for any stream.

How do we do it?

Business is all about data and its erudite usage towards extrapolating the future trend.ipseity uses the state of the art AI algorithms to mine, manage and give a lucid meaning To the data for your business progression.

Ipseity studies trends, markets at nanoscopic detail for aiding and advising you on Modus operandi of diversification of your existing business.

We may not be as experienced as your senior level management but we are well equipped and than your busy management where our focus is only you and only your sustained progression.

Ipseity customises your thoughts by understanding your needs and keeps you in reality through verifiable proofs and data. Our humanised algorithms work relentlessly towards your real identity.

Where is my business going?

This is a big question most of the ‘busy-ness’ people do not ask themselves due to their chronically Time-scarce and occupied lifestyles. Sit back and make decisions from the real and real time data ipseity gives you. After all, ipseity is always you and your empowerment.

Ispeity always believes in trends and monikers that best suits your business not only in the short term but for a Longer term. Hence, leave us your future projections we create an environment for making right voluntary decisions. After all, a right decision at a right time in a right place brings you the right identity.

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